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July 09

July 09

RV Beach Trip with the Family...We had a blast!


Andy’s 4th B-day


4th of July 


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June 09

June 09

We celebrated Fathers Day with my Dad and all the fathers from my side of the family.  By the way just incase I haven't said this before I wanted to share that my hubby is the best father to our children, we are truly blessed!  Thank you honey for all you do!  


 Andy gets his first Four Wheeler.  He is a little dirt devil!



My Cousin Daniel gets married.  Congrats to Daniel and Jessica!





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May 09

May 09

Mothers Day Event at Andy's School.  Both my babies make me feel so special!




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April 09

April 09

We left to Kentucky to visit Bill’s side of the family.  We had such a great time.  Thank you to all for such a beautiful time.  We are so greatful for the love and kindness you showed us.

To see more pictures of our trip please visit the

"Parker-Carver Family link". 


We also celebrated our 7th Wedding Anniversary on April 26th.  To read about our story please click on our "Togetherness Link".

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March 09

March 09

Our friend Miki came from Alaska to stay with us and visit for a month.  Went to Ensenada.  Had a sinus infection -  Ouchi!

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February 09

Just catching up after the move and company – Valentines Day

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Happy New Year
January 09
We got to celebrated New Years Day with Bills sisters and nieces before they had to leave back home to Washington.
My Baby Girls 1st Birthday
Jan 11th
Thank you Nina Joy and Nino Norman for her fruit basket!
We LOVE You! 
(you can see more pictures and read more about Emma's special day on
"Emma's Diary Link") 

Emergency visit to the ER…Bill gets his appendix removed.

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December 08

December 08

Bill’s sisters and nieces came to spend Christmas with us.
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November 08

November 08

Emma’s first cart ride at Target...she just didn't know what to think of it at first but she was loving munching on her snack bag.  
Started and finish decorating our guest room for now, it was a busy little project, but it is ready and comfortable for you to come visit anytime.  
We went fishing to Lake Skinner for the first time  (just the four of us).
Andy’s First Thanksgiving program at school.  I just get so overwhelmed with joy with my boy when I see him doing any new things.  We are so proud of him!
 Bill and I went to a Chargers game.
We celebrated Thanksgiving day at our new home with my famiy and friends.
We became members of our new church, Rancho Community Church.
Thank you God for guiding us to our new home church! 
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October 08

October 08 
Andy started preschool, we are so proud of our boy! 
My dear friend Erika gets married and my husband and I get to go enjoy this special day with her and her new hubby all by ourselves.  Thanks to Mariana (my sister) for babysitting.  
Oh yeah did I mentioned we are still unpacking! 

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September 08

September 08  

We have our first yard sell ever and it was a success!! 


We also celebrated Bill’s 33rd B-Day on the 27th and on the very next day we had a new arrival from my side of the family.   My kid sister Alicia gave birth to my new nephew Ramon Alemparte who was born at 9:16 am  on September 28th.

Proud Tia!

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August 08

Nerve Wrecking
August 08
Well as soon as we moved here, we got busy working on our house, first of all, we started by getting our babies bedrooms ready by painting and cleaning them before their furniture was moved in. With a few sleepless nights we did it.  If you ask me Emma’s room is still not fully ready since it still needs small projects done here and there but overall it is cute and inviting for my baby girl… She loves her bedroom and sleeps in it every night all by herself (she is so independent).  Andy’s bedroom is pretty much done other than some baby crib stuff I still have out to remind me of him as my little one,  I just can’t seem to come to terms that my baby is now 4 years old.  Well we also got started with landscaping the yard and giving us some curb appeal (this took 3 whole weeks – and boy it was driving me insane).   Bill had to go to work while I handled that project along with a bunch of other things like having the carpets clean the ADT upgrades done, DirecTV and phone hookups, and much much more.   All this was done while taking care of a baby, a toddler and a dog.  Oh and let’s not forget the unpacking, this was the hardest time ever.  Did I mention that I broke down and finally gave in and even called a cleaning service so that could be out of the way before moving in - AHHHH!!!.  It took us at least 3 months to finish this process.  All in all this explains why I titled this month “Nerve Wrecking”.
Emma helping unpack


Before Pictures of the kids bedrooms.
The Pink and purple room is Andy's bedroom and the blue and brown room is Emma's bedroom.


Before Pictures.
Landscaping - Demolition Begins
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