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So I was actually trying to stay on top of our website and right when I was ready to publish it I hit the wrong button and messed up every page.  So here I am days later fixing as much as I can while still adding a bit here and there.  Either way I think I have fixed most if it but did not update every page as I wish I did.  However, I hope you enjoy my new publication, were you will be able to see some of our Christmas Celebrations along with our trip to Ocotillo Wells, California for New Years and my baby girls 2nd Birthday Celebration.

Much Love and Blessings,

The Parkers

Something To Share

I know every parent looks at their child and feels that overwhelming love that they have for them.  But working on this website and going back on time every time I add one more picture or a text really overflows my heart over and over again with that love that only one as a parent can feel for their child.  God has blessed me so much in putting his trust in me with these two little pieces of heaven. I can speak for Bill and say he feels the same as I see it in  his face and eyes as he first views my new publications.  (Yes I don't let him see it till I am done). 

With Love, Marina

Christ is the reason for the 

Christmas Season

It was an exciting time of year for us as Christians, the celebration of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.  It is so humbling to be part of his family.  We have been so overwelmed with love and joy!

Happy Birthday Jesus! 



Special Events
New Years Day: Jan 1st

Birthdays For The Month
January 2010
Emma 2nd Birthday: 11th 
Mariana (MP's Sister): 19th
Ramon (MP's Newphew): 21st
Zoe (My BFF's Daughter): 28th 

If you have a Birthday or Anniversary that you would like to
share with us please e-mail it to

Top stories

This past year has been a great one, with so many stories and special moments to share I just don’t know where to start.   Life has been a lot busier for all of us, it has not been anything we created other than us just being part of all those love ones we left behind when we moved to Alaska.  At times I find myself lost in it all and can’t seem to get caught up in other things I use to do; for example, our website, this has been the last thing in my list to update.   But here I am now trying and hopefully I can get all my dedicated visitors to our website up to date with our lives.   

Come Along for the Ride 

Well since I have been so behind I figured it would just be easier for me to write our updates in a story line, hopefully it will also be easier for you to follow along.   I will begin with when we first moved to our home here in Temecula, CA.  I will try only to post big and/or special events for each month since then.  But first, let me stop here and say that as of next month on August 11th it will be our one year anniversary that we have reside here in Temecula so with that said lets go back to August of 08. 

BELOW:  Emma helping unpack


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